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Hollow cone nozzles

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Application overview

  • absorption
  • chemical process engineering
  • cooling
  • disinfection
  • desuperheating
  • dust control
  • fire protection
  • foam destruction
  • gas treatment
  • humidification of air, humidification of goods, humidification of textiles
  • oil spraying
  • protection of storage tanks
  • spraying onto filters
  • spraying over germinating boxes
  • water recooling


Overview of all hollow cone nozzles


Axial-hollow cone nozzles

  • Finest drop particles
  • Narrow free cross-sections
  • Maximum spray angle: 90°


Wherever a fine, uniform hollow cone is needed, e.g. for cooling and cleaning of gas, absorption processes, dust control, product dampening, oil spraying and air humidifying, axial-flow hollow cone nozzles have proved very efficient.

The spiral grooves in the swirl inserts ensure an efficient whirling of the liquid. As a result, the contact surface of the atomized liquid is significantly increased within a remarkably narrow droplet spectrum. This creates extraordinarily favourable conditions for mass transfer.


Eccentric-flow hollow cone nozzles

  • Coarser droplets than axial-flow hollow cone nozzles
  • Large free cross-sections
  • Wide spray agles up to: 130°
  • Self-cleaning, non-clogging


Eccentric-flow hollow cone nozzles provide a very uniform hollow cone spray thanks to a particular flow geometry. Liquid is put into rotation by an eccentricity arranged liquid inlet. Thereby a very uniform liquid distribution is achieved with spray angles up to 130°.

Eccentric-flow hollow cone nozzles are of a self-cleaning design, offering a high operational safety, even at rather poor water conditions. Typical applications for eccentric-flow hollow cone nozzles are: air-humidification in air conditioning systems or gas cleaning in chemical and environmental engineering installations.


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