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Lechler Accessories

Our comprehensive range of accessories significantly contributes to optimizing the adaptability of Lechler nozzles to special requirements and prerequisites.

No matter whether you want to change nozzles easily, to provide sealing or just to have an alternative fixing facility, you’ll profit in every respect from Lechler’s technical know-how and practical experience with accessories.

As a result, your work is made easier, your capacity is better utilized and you will be saving cost to an extent you wouldn’t have thought possible.

As you see, it’s worthwhile spending a few thoughts on the subject.


Now a short survey on the various Lechler fixing system:

Standard fixing accessories
The great variety of mounting clamps, bases, ball joints etc., available in a multitude of designs, models, sizes and materials, allow accurate matching of nozzles and fixing accessories to meet your spray applications, your liquid and its properties.


Flat fan nozzles with dove-tail guide Special accessories for flat fan nozzles with dove-tail guide
(positive guide) provide a perfect presetting of the spray alignment and a quick nozzle change.
Bayonet quick-release system TWISTLOC and Bayonet - Assembly systems for changing nozzles in less than no time
The Lechler invention for quick nozzle change without any tool. Additionally, a correct spray alignment is always guaranteed.


Nozzle filters and strainers to prevent clogging
The advantages:
Steady spray quality, cost reduction due to less maintenance, and, above all, a better quality of your finished products.

Professional sealing material
Lechler offers special proven sealing materials to stop unnecessary sprinkling or dripping: gaskets, Teflon sealing tapes, Teflon glue and a lot more.