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There are more than 100 materials for you to choose from

Brass nozzles, now as before, are commonly used for many applications, such as low pressure and humidification processes.

It is necessary to use chemically resistant stainless steel grades, hastelloy, titanium, tantalum, as well as plastic materials, such as PVC, PP, PVDF and TEFLON for spraying corrosive liquids or for the use in aggressive environments.

If materials that are highly resistant to wear are required, quality nozzles in hardened stainless steel, oxide ceramics or silicon carbide are available.

Many nozzles of our range are available in high-grade thermoplastics. These nozzles are produced by injection moulding on process-controlled machines.

Brass Stainless steel Silicon carbide
Plastic material
Brass Stainless steel
Silicon carbide Plastic material


The service life of nozzles is dependent on various circumstances such as spray applications, service conditions, the quality of the liquid to be sprayed - to quote just a few. According to the material used, service life of nozzles can considerably differ.

This short survey is just to give you an idea on service life of some metallic and ceramic nozzle materials commonly used. Depending on service conditions, plastic materials have very different service lives. Hence, a classification is hardly possible.

Werkstoff Faktor
Brass 1
Stainless steel
Hardened SS
Ceramics 90-200